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Count on Abacus involves one-on-one therapy for Foundation – Year 10 literacy and numeracy. The principles that are applied in ABA therapy programs, are highly effective when teaching any child to be successful with Maths and English, and help students enjoy the learning process.

Basic literacy and numeracy is becoming more and more important in a complex modern society. It takes patience and persistence to fully comprehend and apply. For many students, these ideas do not come together easily.

For children who have behaviours that may interrupt their learning, such as difficulty concentrating or staying on task, anxiety and processing delays, some areas of literacy and numeracy can be challenging to learn in a fast-paced classroom setting.



Count on Abacus begins with an initial consultation with parents and contact with the class teacher, to determine existing knowledge. Lesson goals and past school reports are requested to aid the development of the individual program for the student.



Count on Abacus is a centre-based therapy service and operates Monday to Friday 4pm-5pm at Abacus Learning Centre.

Following the principles of ABA therapy, each skill is broken down into achievable steps for the student to practise, with all effort, participation and progress positively reinforced. Students need to experience success to maintain motivation and encourage participation in all new classroom tasks. This is what Count on Abacus provides.

Each student has a workbook containing exercise worksheets so the skills they are learning can be practised at home. This will ensure parents and teachers can easily track progress. A senior therapist oversees each program, pacing the introduction of the next step in line with the students progress.


Count on Abacus helps me so much.

I was so far behind my class but now I am caught up in nearly all my lessons. I love being with the rest of my school class, before Count on Abacus I would hide under my table during Math because I did not understand a lot of what my class was doing.

I did not ask a lot of questions in class before because I did not want to seem stupid, but now because of Count on Abacus I am at the same level as the rest of my class, so I now ask lots of questions.

I am understanding a lot more in class and if I do not get something now I ask.

If I still do not understand my Count on Abacus teachers explain so I do understand.

Thanks to Count on Abacus I get so much in my class and can do most of my homework too.

Since starting Count on Abacus I am not as frustrated at school. So I do not get as angry and lash out anywhere near as much.

Count on Abacus has made a big difference to me in my learning and in my everyday life. I would love other autistic kids to get the same help with their problems as Count on Abacus has given me.

Holly (aged 12)


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