Centre-Based ABA Therapy


When your child is welcomed into the Abacus circle, we take the time to get to know and understand him or her and their challenges and behaviours. We believe it is very important to listen to the family and to discuss and understand your child’s needs.

In an Abacus Program skills are taught using principles of ABA including discrete trial teaching and task analysis. We believe a successful ABA program is primarily built on the recognition of the individuality and uniqueness of every student. Through discussion with the parents and observation of the student, our Clinical Team carries out a thorough assessment. From there a customised, highly structured and comprehensive program is designed to best meet the student’s needs according to their learning style. Assessment of the student’s age and development, the number of weekly teaching hours and any family goals regarding the child’s functioning within the home environment are all taken into account when determining the aims and strategies of the curriculum.

Based on functional behaviour assessments, a behavioural intervention is developed to address the function of a behaviour through proactive teaching strategies designed to reduce or increase the specific behaviour. The program is carried out in intensive three hour one–to–one therapy sessions in which the therapists use ABA techniques such as Discrete Trial Teaching, where skills are broken down into small sequential steps and then built back up again. The student is motivated by Positive Reinforcement Techniques to ensure the sessions are enjoyable and productive.

Early intervention students at Abacus must attend a minimum of 12 hours and can attend up to 30 hours of ABA therapy per week. Students attend the centre form the age of 2, and therapy can be provided at childcare, kinder and school as clinically recommended.




  • Innovative and flexible service, adaptable to the needs of our clients
  • Regular Program Supervision
  • Clinical Team available to assess and adjusts programs in response to changing needs with the flexibility to precisely match the progress of your child
  • Therapists of the highest calibre – handpicked and trained on site
  • Ongoing professional development in up to date practices and techniques
  • Three hour sessions or full days (6.5 hours) available
  • An open and caring environment where parents can connect with other families in a similar situation
  • Parents/Carers can sit in on sessions or take home video footage to view




Parent training is a crucial part of an effective ABA based therapy program. Once a student begins therapy, parents will receive regular training specific to their child at clinical meetings. Parents and/or carers are also welcome to sit in on their child’s sessions at any time, or take home video footage of therapy.



If you are interested in one of our early intervention programs, please send your Expression of Interest to us via our online form.




Families are then invited to attend one of our upcoming Information Sessions which includes discussion regarding ABA and insight into our centre-based services (note that this invitation is no guarantee of a position at the Centre). 

If a place is available, you will be contacted by the centre to attend an initial meeting and the appropriate enrolment documentation will be provided.

*If you require this form to be provided in a language other than English, please contact Abacus Learning Centre 


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