Early Intervention


Abacus ABA therapy is led by the child and life-changing skills are learnt. Individual play-based programs provide opportunities for autistic children to actively and imaginatively engage in their learning.



Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is a best practice, evidence informed and effective intervention for autistic children.

At Abacus we believe in your child’s unique strengths and abilities. Our dedicated team collaborates closely with families to design personalised programs that cater to each child’s individuality. By embracing a strengths-based perspective, we foster an environment where your child can grow.



ABA harnesses the principles of learning theory. We implement a systematic, measurable strategy to enhance, reduce, maintain and generalise target behaviours. From speech and language to social skills, adaptive living and play skills we cover every aspect of development and your NDIS goals.

We believe that learning should be enjoyable. That’s why Abacus promotes a play based approach to most of our activities. Through engaging and interactive play your child will be on a path to success, all while having fun!

An Australian Government funded review of the most effective models of practice in early intervention concluded that ‘Evidence-based… guidelines are particularly important in the field of autism where there has been so much debate, and where there are many heavily promoted approaches for which there is no scientific evidence, and which can even be harmful. Intensive educational and behavioural interventions such as ABA have produced positive outcomes for children with autism’. (Prior Roberts 2006) www.health.gov.au



  • Proven results: our approach is based on solid research and real-world outcomes
  • Family centred: we wrap a team around your family and your input is invaluable in shaping your child’s journey
  • Tailored programs: no two children are the same, and neither are our program plans 
  • Comprehensive focus: From communication to daily skills we cover all the bases

Each therapy program is designed to maximise your child’s capacity to participate in their education and community with minimal ongoing support. Therapy at Abacus is assent based and staff are trained in providing trauma informed care for all our children. 

Abacus ABA encompasses various teaching techniques including:

  • Natural Environment Teaching – used to teach new skills and generalise learned skills by delivering ABA therapy within natural activities like play and in real-life settings like kindergarten and school
  • Discrete Trial Training – involves breaking down specific skills into discrete steps which are then taught in a graduated fashion


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