Educators Workshops


Elevate your staff training with our Educator Workshops which are designed to challenge preconceived ideas and build on knowledge, confidence and capacity to work more effectively with students presenting with ASD and ASD-like behaviours.

Our Workshops offer:

  • Face-to-face one hour sessions with experienced facilitators to support educators across primary and secondary levels 
  • A mix of workshop offerings and delivery types to create an individual plan for your school
  • Practical advice on evidence-based teaching methods and intervention to help find a way back from inappropriate and challenging behaviour
  • Opportunities for reflection and discussion through brainstorming of specific case studies
  • Resources and a certificate of completion for participants

You will learn:

  • Strategies to assist students with social, emotional and behavioural difficulties who can be tough to support and teach in the classroom
  • To use a functional behaviour analysis to decipher the function of a behaviour
  • To develop strategies for behaviours that will work in your classroom and school
  • To understand the use of prompts, reinforcers and transition strategies
  • To be more confident and effective across students presenting with behaviours that disrupt the classroom or impede the student’s learning 


“The knowledgeable staff at Abacus worked in partnership with our Leadership Team to design a school specific, 10 week professional learning program. Sessions were presented by a dynamic and knowledgeable Abacus Case Manager in our school setting. Each session provided a wealth of well-researched information, useful resources, practical videos, numerous chances for question/answer sessions, on-going professional conversations between staff and opportunities to challenge preconceived ideas.”

Carolyn Gurrier-Jones, Principal of Nepean School


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