Good Friends Social Skills


For one week of each school holiday, Abacus will run a social skills group program for children who need to practise the skills required, and often expected, when playing and working with peers, or interacting in their community. The aim of the program is to teach skills that are vital for everyday relationships, in essence, learning to make friends and be a good friend. The children will practise social skills used in particular situations and the social reasoning behind these skills. The types of skills that would be targeted include:

  • Relaxation and coping strategies to better handle anxiety
  • How to make and keep friendships
  • Learning rules about playing games with peers, such as winning and losing, following the instructions, taking turns, and the game ending
  • Identifying emotions in self and empathising with peers
  • How to respond to verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Practising social language



If interested, please download and complete the intake form (see below) and return via email as soon as possible. Places will be confirmed with families in around three to four weeks.

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