There are many reasons why a child or young person may experience difficulties and engage in undesired behaviours. It can be difficult to ascertain the reason for the behaviour and develop effective strategies for support. This is where our counselling service can help.

At home, does your child:

  • Have difficulty following instructions
  • Display inflexibility with routines
  • Become easily distressed or anxious
  • Have difficulty with toileting
  • Have limited food choices
  • Have sensory issues with sound, touch and texture; for example haircuts, brushing teeth, bathing, eating, clothing
  • Abscond
  • Display aggressive behaviour
  • Refuse to go to school

At school and similar settings, does the child:

  • Get overly distressed when dropped off
  • Abscond
  • Have difficulty engaging in learning
  • Interrupt lessons
  • Have difficulty staying on task
  • Lack social skills
  • Display aggressive behaviour


Our counselling service provides specialist assessment and planning using positive behaviour strategies and support to improve outcomes of children and young people with behaviours that interfere with daily life and learning.


As this service is provided by a Registered Psychologist, a Medicare rebate is available, if the person is eligible.

Following an initial assessment, counselling can involve just one appointment, or if clinically recommended, additional appointments at the centre or off-site can follow.


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