Values-Based ABA Therapy: A Holistic Perspective

Values-Based ABA Therapy: A Holistic Perspective

18 January 2024
With a foundation in the core values of Creative, Connected, Playful, and Thriving, The Abacus approach to Applied Behavioural Analysis (ABA) therapy is personalised and empowering for each individual student.



Creative Learning for Lifelong Success

Central to this philosophy is an emphasis on creativity. We tailor our approach for each student, creating a play-based learning experience that is engaging and purposeful. Positive behaviour support takes precedence, reflecting our commitment to fostering positive behaviours and skill development while minimising challenges. The strategy aims to support individual strengths, nurture personal growth, and build meaningful connections.

This contemporary approach focuses on the theory of learning, emphasising that learning how to learn is a foundational skill applicable throughout life. The recent NDIS review said there wasn’t enough support for autistic children in the places they live and learn. Abacus works on the generalisation of mastered skills to natural environments, be it childcare, kindergarten, or school through their community model to ensure skills learnt in therapy can be practiced in daily living.



Connected Communities and Neurodiversity Affirming Approach

This approach places a strong emphasis on fostering connections, not only within therapy sessions but also in the broader community. Collaborating with educators, Abacus helps them to adapt practices to meet the unique needs of each student, embracing a strengths-focused, Neurodiversity-affirming approach.

Programs are tailored to the specific needs of each child and family, with a trauma-informed approach integral to therapy. The goal is to embrace students for who they are, working with their strengths and interests rather than fitting them into predefined moulds.



Playful Approach to Learning and Celebrating Success

The playfulness embedded in our service creates a vibrant learning environment. Abacus doesn’t apply a rigid curriculum, instead the approach focuses on individual goals and learning styles in a natural setting where the child feels safe and comfortable.

Tasks are broken down into achievable steps, and success is celebrated, building the child’s confidence. Each child benefits from the undivided attention of a designated therapist, ensuring a fun and personalised learning experience with their individual interests incorporated into their therapy sessions. During challenging moments, our trained therapists adapt the environment for comfort while analysing ways to prevent discomfort in the future.



Thriving Through Expert Guidance

The NDIS review recommended that autistic children and those with developmental delays access early intervention.

Abacus are the experts in early intervention for young autistic children in our region. Our senior clinicians have years of study and experience specifically in helping autistic children to thrive.  Thriving becomes a tangible outcome as the focus shifts from targeting specific behaviours to equipping each child with the tools and abilities to pursue their aspirations.

The commitment to playfulness and thriving ensures that each child receives not just therapy but a transformative experience laying the groundwork for a fulfilling life. With values permeating every facet of our work, Abacus offers a journey of empowerment, acceptance, and success for every student.