Launch of our Branding Refresh

Launch of our Branding Refresh

9 October 2022

Since 2008, the ABA programs and autism services offered by Abacus have developed to meet the needs of autistic children, teenagers and young adults. 

As we begin a new chapter in our proud history, our branding is now growing with us to reflect our position in the hearts and minds of our community.

Our new logo, typography and colours are designed to convey our brand’s hope, joy and inclusion. Each element has been considered to ensure they are both accessible and easily recognisable. And even though much has changed, our core promise of ‘achieving with autism’ remains the same.

The Abacus logo features the following design elements:

  • a rainbow which is an all-embracing symbol with a spectrum of meanings.
  • the distinctive lime green coloured arch represents our core early intervention service and our families journey with us.
  • at the end of the arch, the coloured beads illustrate the next steps for our students as they transition to other services both within and beyond Abacus.
  • our brand name and tagline use a lowercase sans serif font which is simple, clear and easy to read.
  • the tagline highlights our purpose and, along with the original lime and orange colours, it is a well-known part of our heritage.

We look forward to rolling-out our new branding in coming months.