Positive Learning Solutions

Positive Learning Solutions (PLS) is an innovative service providing practical support and strategies to educators working with children with additional needs, including Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Developed and delivered by autism and behaviour specialist Abacus Learning Centre, the PLS service helps facilitate high quality teaching practises in mainstream schools that have students with special learning needs, particularly at the secondary level.

Through the PLS program, Abacus Learning Centre helps schools deliver innovative and proven approaches to working with students whose behaviours interrupt their ability to access the curriculum in a typical classroom setting. An Abacus consultant is placed at the school once a week, where they will  adapt and enhance existing strategies – or introduce new approaches – for working successfully with students with additional needs.

There are two main elements to the PLS service

  • Functional behaviour analysis: observations of referred students are conducted by the Abacus consultant, with data collected on behaviours that interfere with learning. In collaboration with the class teacher, a behaviour plan is then introduced to explore new ways of engaging students with the goal of opening up their pathway to achievement.
  • Task analysis: the class teacher will identify a skill area that requires scaling up. The consultant then provides targeted teaching progression strategies that can be included in the student’s individual learning plan.


While strategies used in the PLS are based on research and proven to be effective, delivery of the service is flexible and can be tailored to meet specific school requirements.

Schools on the Mornington Peninsula currently using the PLS service have agreed to provide a reference upon request.

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